ZAO firm "Soy, Inc." manufactures and offers for sale mobile multifunction system "Soyushka-2" for soybeans processing.




The firm Soy, Inc. has been the founder of technology and soymilk machines in Russia and CIS since 1993.


Advantages as compared with the systems of previous generations:

SOYUSHKA-2 is a multifunctional system, which has wide technological applications. It is effective at any enterprise being used as main or auxiliary equipment. It can be used for production of soy milk, soy cheese (tofu), edible soy fortifier (okara). Using soy milk, tofu and okara with various ingredients without auxiliary equipment the system allows to produce a wide assortment of various types of mayonnaise, dessert, cream, ketchup, vegetable and other snack paste. SOY MILK as a basis is used for preparation of various beverages and cultured milk products. TOFU can be used as a substitute for cheese or curd in traditional foods. OKARA and tofu are used as an additives for half-finished products, substitutes for main raw material in meat products, sausages and pates, additives for ready-to-serve foods and as a basis for soy paste. Foods produced by using the system can be sold through sales network, used at catering and food industry enterprises.


It is very profitable to combine production using Souyshka-2 system together with a small bakery, a pastry shop, a canteen, a shop for production half-finished products, etc., because the use of soybean protein foods produced by means of Souyshka-2 system as additives in above-mentioned types of production allows to obtain cheap final products, to raise their nutrition value without changing the appearance of a product; besides, the final product acquires treatment and prophylactic properties.


NOTE! The cost of the systems includes the sets of technological documents for 15 various types of products. The customers of equipment are provided with experts consultation and necessary information support in all directions!


of multifunctional system Soyushka-2

ZAO firm Soy, Inc. manufactures and offers for sale mobile multifunctional system Soyushka-2 for soybeans processing. The system allows to produce milk substitute Soymilk, tofu (soy cheese), edible soybean fortifier (okara), soy mayonnaise as well as a wide assortment of paste-type products: pastes, desserts, creams, jams, ketchups, sauces.

Soyushka-2 set includes:

- Electric boiler with power of 13.5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz (option for 9 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz is possible);

- Grinder/cooker (GC) with power of 1.5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz (220 V option, 50 Hz is possible);

- Mechanical filter press;

- Tofu forming box.


Overall dimensions of the system


Diameter, mm

Height, mm

Length, mm

Width, mm






Filter press





Electric boiler





Gross weight of the system is 127 kg, The factory package consists of three boxes:50x50x105 (GC), 50x70x60 (Electric boiler), 50x50x105 (Squeezing press) with gross weight being 157 kg.


Technical data of Soyushka-2:

- Productivity (milk):60 l per hour;

- Technological cycle time per batch: 18 minutes;

- Soybean consumption (dry): 2.3 kg per batch;

- Soymilk output: 18.5-19.0 l per batch;

- Edible soy fortifier (okara) output: 4.8-5 kg;

- Tofu cheese (soy cheese) output: 4.2-4.5 kg out of 17 l;

- Mayonnaise output: 12-13 kg for 1 hour 40 minutes:

- Paste-type products output: 10-15 kg per batch;

-Temperature of milk cooking: 105 C.

The system is operated by one operator.

Technology of preparation of soy milk is based on an airless cold-grinding method of soaked soybeans with further pressure cooking of obtained slurry with the help of steam.

The following documents are attached to the system: operation instructions, certificates for the boiler and all component devices as well as specifications and certificates for the products soymilk, tofu cheese, food soy fortifier (okara), mayonnaise, paste-type products.

The area required for the operation of one system is 14-17 m2, including all non-standard equipment.


Power supply for the system:

- Voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz, consumed power: 15 kW, respectively;

- Water supply from city running water system under pressure in the net: 2.5 kgf per cm2 minimum.

At the buyers request the firm carries out start-up and adjustment operations and test cooking at the place of the system mounting for extra charge and provides the buyer with spare parts at his request.


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