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UPSO-300 is a miltipurpose system which can produce without using any additional equipment not only soymilk and tofu, but also a wide range of combined products based on soya protein. Products made with this machine have regular taste without beany off-flavor and  are already recognized on the world market of soya products.


The following steps are included into the UPSO 300 process:


Previously soaked soybeans (or dehulled soybeans) are put into the cooker-grinder and then two parts of drinking water at a room temperature is added there. With the help of an extra valve in the upper part of the system, steam purging is made thus creating a vacuum environment inside the cooker-grinder. Then, the grinding is done within 5-10 minutes. After that blades are stopped and steam injection valve is opened.


When the temperature reaches 105 C, cooking may be finished  in 5-7 minutes.


While blades are on soymilk is drained from the cooker into the deodorizer, after which it is pumped out to the centrifuge for hard particles separation.


If soymilk produced for further processing into tofu, the line may include a special parteurizing unit. Tofu treated inside it would have a shelf life of more than 2 months.


Steam required for product heating and operation of the system, is coming out of the individual steam boiler supplied with the system.


Equipment specification is developed individually for each project with a consideration of desired final products.


The process line including its parts and units is continuously improved. 


Cooking-grinding unit – grinder is a separate unit which provides for more efficient and easy operation. Soybeans or any product grinding is possible to any required particle size. Grinding of any material is possible under water at a temperature of up to 115C and under pressure.


The system includes the heat exchanger thus the final product could be cooled down.

Centrifuge – higher safe and service life. There is a screw to dump okara. It has rotation frequency regulator.
Coagulation vessel – loading of coagulated soymilk  into press box is easier
Tofu Press – ensures wide sliding pressure control in the pressing box. It is made of SS only.
Electrical boiler – has 4 control steps, power capacity is 18, 36, 54, 72 kWt. Due to fully automated operation, no constant supervision is required.



1. Capacity:
     soymilk, kg per hour - 300,

     okara, soy cheese (tofu) and stuffing, kg per hour - 60,

     mayonnaise, kg per batch - 100.

2. Installed capacity of electrical equipment (including steam boiler), kW, max. - 85.

3. Production batch time, hour soymilk, cheese (tofu) and stuffing - 0.5, sterilized soymilk - 1, mayonnaise - 2.

4. Area (without packing equipment) occupied area, m2, max. - 35, recommended area with filling and packing , m2, max. - 60.

5. Maintenance staff, persons per shift - 2.

6. Soybeans consumption per batch of soymilk (depending on required content of dry substances in finished products, quality of soybeans), kg - 15-30.


This assortment of equipment gives the opportunity to manufacture the soy based unique food products with habitual flavour. These food products have high content of protein, which can be compared with animal protein as far as biological value is concerned. They contain neither cholesterol, nor lactose. They are assimilated by human organism perfectly and prevent many diseases.


This system is very effective at any enterprise as the main or auxiliary equipment. It is possible to produce: “soymilk”, soy cheese (tofu) and food soy fortifier (okara). Using additional components it is possible to make soy mayonnaise, desserts, puree and other paste-like products. As a base, “soy milk” is used for making various beverages and cultured milk products. Tofu can be utilized as cheese substitute in traditional foodstuffs. Okara and tofu can be used as additives to semiproducts, substitute of main raw material in meat products, sausages and pastes, as additives to culinary products as well as the base for vegetable paste.


Foodstuffs made with the help of this systems can be sold via the commercial network, be used at the restaurants and cafes as well as at the food industry enterprises. Equipment can be delivered with various components. The composition is determined due to the assortment of the soy products and availability of free production capacities at the place of its operation.


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