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UPSO 2000 - 6000 is a line for soymilk production in the volume of 2000 lit/hour (with 3.5 % of protein in the final product). The volume of production can be increased with a lower level of protein concentration in soymilk. Soya milk is produced from previously soaked soybeans (or soy grits) with the subsequent grinding, separation of soymilk from insoluble part of a product ("okara") and steam cooking. Soymilk produced with this machinery is of high quality and with pleasant taste.


Soymilk produced with UPSO 2000-6000, can be used as the basic recipe component, as well as in a mix with the cow’s milk for the production of all kinds of dairy and fermented milk products, condensed milk, mayonnaise, desserts, creams, etc.


Advantages of our technology:

1. Soymilk production without beany off-flavor with high solids concentration -up to 12%

2. 25% less soybeans are required to produce the same quantity of soymilk, compared to other technologies

3. Possibility to incorporate ingredients and flavors at the sterilization stage using the equipment included into the system set.

4. Possibility to mix soymilk with cow’s milk at the sterilization stage.

5. Possibility to vary solids in your final products.

6. Possibility for okara processing into jell.


Okara processing system

Food soy fiber "OKARA" - homogeneous wet mass, with no smell, of a light yellow color, with a  high protein content. It is produced as a result of soymilk separation. Okara is a unique vegetable source of bivalent iron which is easily digested. Besides, оkаrа is an excellent source of fiber and contains significant quantities of nutrients of the whole soybean.

Okara can be effectively used in the following food products:

·  Meat and vegetable semi finished products (cutlets, fritters, pancakes etc.).

·  Filler for pulp juices.

·  Filler for ketchups, sauces and pastes.

·  Baked foods.

Okara processing system improves its technological and nutrition properties by sterilization, grinding and deodorization.

Okara is stored in a dry or frozen form. Okara is also a valuable feed for poultry and other animals.

Specification for equipment being delivered is worked out individually for a concrete production design


Finished product (soymilk) for further processing:

·  Drinks (packaging in Tetra Pak, Pur Pak, PET-Accept bottle, a plastic pouch, aluminum can).

·  Soya cheese "tofu" (tofu production rate from soymilk is 15%).

·  Mayonnaise.

·  Meat and vegetable semi finished products (cutlets, patties, fritters, pancakes).

·  Condensed milk and cream.

·  Fermented milk products (kefir, acidophil milk, fermented baked milk, yoghurts, etc.);

·  Soymilk powder

Finished product (оkаra) for further processing:

·  Meat and vegetable semi-finished products (cutlets, fritters, pancakes etc.).

·  Filler for pulp  juices.

·  Filler for ketchups, sauces and pastes.

·  Baked foods


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