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no soya aftertaste

Soya, Inc has started to produce a unique in its quality soymilk powder. With initial 38% protein beans, we are able to produce 45% protein soymilk powder. Solubility of the product is 0.25-0.4. Because of its high solubility our soymilk powder can be easily used for dry drink mixes.




Protein - 45%

Moisture Ц 5-7% 

Fat - 19-23%

Solubility index, cm3 0.25-0.4

Acidity, max.,∞T 10-15  

Protein Ц 19.6%

Fat Ц 6.5%

Carbohydrates Ц 60%

Calories Ц 364 Kcal 


Soymilk is excellent drink made from soybeans. It can be used in manufacturing of various food products.

Soymilk contains no lactose. It is an excellent substitute of dairy milk for the persons who suffer from allergy, thatТs why it is recommended as an alternative product in nourishment of children and adults.



In bakery:

in biscuit production (from 2.5 to 15%)

100% substitution of egg powder

In fat-and-oil industry:

for preparation of mayonnaise (partial or complete substitution of egg powder and fat-free milk powder);

for preparation of low fat mayonnaise (100% substitution of egg powder and fat-free milk powder);

for the preparation of dietetic varieties of margarine.

In confectionery:

in confectionery masses: praline mass, jelly mass, cream mass, pastila and fruit jellies, mousse, creams, candies, stuffings for wafers;

in pastry confectionery: biscuits, honeycakes, galets (10%);

in krispies (up to 50% of substitution of fat-free milk powder);

stuffings and decorations for confectionery.

In dairy industry:

for the preparation of soymilk with further packing;

for the preparation of tofu cheese;

for preparation of yogurts;

for preparation of ice-cream.


FLAVORED SOYMILK POWDER USE: ready to use drink mixes

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