Equipment for Soy Food Products Manufacturing

Soybean Processors' Association ASSOY is able to deliver equipment for soy food products manufacturing for industrial purposes and to be used in the shops, canteens, cafes, restaurants.

Load video presentation on equipment (wmf - 8Mb,  - 27Mb, avi - 97Mb, mpg - 108Mb).

"Soyushka-2" system - 60 L/h of soymilk. The firm "Soy, Inc." manufactures and offers "SoyCow" mobile system to the entrepreneurs, enterprises and organizations. This system allows to produce soymilk, food soybean fortifier, tofu, mayonnaise. Capacity of the system: 60 litres of milk per hour . "Soyushka-2" suits perfectly the needs of cafes, restaurants, canteens, shops, bakeries. It allows to produce food products of high nutritive value, which can be consumed as ready-made products or be used in cooking of the first, the second and the third courses, desserts, dips, baking products. It allows to increase nutritive value and benefits of food as well as to reduce the price significantly.

"Soyushka-3" - 100 L/h of soymilk.

"UPSO-300" - 300 L/h of soymilk.

"UPSO-2000-6000" - 2000-6000 L/h of soymilk.


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